How to deal with Hyperpigmentation from acne

how to reduce hyperpigmentationIf you have been a patient of acne and you observe that acne has started to clear gradually but still there are certain brown or pink spots on the skin, then you need to treat these skin marks from acne. This is discoloration of the skin that is caused by acne and is regarded as the natural reaction of the skin to the acne related problems. The color of the skin can vary from pink, red, purple, brown or black.

Acne basically causes skin stimuli which activates the canvas of the skin to react and produce more and more melanin content. Since melanin is responsible for the color of the skin, excessive production would cause skin lose its original color and thus discoloration occurs and marks are formed.

The best part of the whole problem is that these scars are not scary and easy to reduce with solutions which are readily available in the market and have been successfully tested and tried by many people around the world. The recovery time is regarded to be around 3 months which may extend in certain cases up to 24 months. This length of time basically depends upon the depth of acne mark and darkness of its color.

Dark spots on face

Natural pigmentation cream for dark spots

The best cream for hyperpigmentation

Hydroquinone is generally used for the treatment of these marks on the skin. Various creams are formulated with hydroquinone content of 2 percent to 4 percent is present. Skin Light cream, though is one such product that is available in the market and is free of hydroquinone. It will help you to deal with hyperpigmentation from acne. Its natural ingredients content makes it a perfect solution that is available in the market to get rid of these scars. Skin Light cream being a processed from natural products does not need any prescription from skin specialist.